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Mother’s Day Lunch and Live Music at Ballinaclash

By Catherine Mullany

Spoil mum this Mother’s Day with lunch and live music at Ballinaclash. Enjoy a complimentary drink upon arrival followed by a 3 course lunch including a trio of dips, locally baked pie and a selection of house made desserts. Relax to the beautiful music of guitarist Hovert Gonzales. Purchase wine by the glass or bottle.…

community march

Hilltops Collective

By Alison Foreman

Business owners in Hilltops Region jump on #HilltopsCollective, great new localised Instagram page to promote your business! Cheers Alison      

community march

Supporting Economic Development

By Debbie Evans

If you’re in business and have some good ideas about opportunities to support Economic activity in the Hilltops, the Hilltops Council Regional Economic Development committee would like to invite you to their meeting in Young on Tuesday November 19, 2019. The meeting will kick off at 6pm at the Hilltops Council Chambers with an Open…

Riverina and Southwest Slopes Climate Update

By Paul Jones

Join us in person or dial in to the Riverina and Southwest Slopes Climate Update. With a line-up of global expert guest speakers and question time, this is not to be missed if you have concerns about climate change and the impact of the ongoing drought.   Guest Speakers: Professor Mark Howden (Director, Climate Change…

Business Articles

Automation can ease your business workload

By Scott Murray

Small and medium-sized businesses are spending on average 120 hours a year on admin tasks, according to recent research into productivity at UK SMBs. If your people are spending 120 hours wading through tedious and unproductive admin, that’s bad for the business and for your overall efficiency. Fortunately, technology and software automation can go a…

Fresh Australian Produce in Demand in China

By Gregory Medway

Imported fruit prices increase 36% Food prices are continuing to soar in China in the midst of an agricultural boom. In the year to April 2019, food prices grew 6.1% in China. Vegetable prices jumped 17.1% and pork prices grew 14.4%. The domestic price increases are making imported alternatives more attractive, for example imported fruit…

Not just the trees anymore!!!

By Richard Fleming

Property Report from the Country: It’s not just about the trees   “Sydney may be in the middle of its steepest property downturn in decades, but new figures show surrounding markets are holding their own — with some areas even seeing prices grow” Kate Burke, Domain. ‘Tree change’ an adaption of ‘sea change’ is a common…

Financial Advice- Enhancing Wellbeing and Improving Lifestyles is the True Value

By Emily Bowker

The lives of all Australians are becoming increasingly complex. Government legislation around taxation, superannuation and estate planning is constantly changing; family situations are becoming more diverse; career paths are increasingly non-linear; and strategies to build wealth and plan for retirement are numerous and board, depending on a person’s situation and goals. Further to this we…

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