Why Every Customer Interaction Is A Marketing Experience

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The Customer Is Always Right!

If you’ve worked in any sales specific environment long enough, you would have heard ‘The customer is always right’… If you’re lucky enough, you’ll hear it from the customer themselves… sarcasm of-course.

Whether right or wrong, each customer should be seen as an advertising opportunity, even if the prize is as hard to get as a novelty toy in a claw machine. Ten out of Ten customers who have had a bad experience with a business will tell share their experience, with a friend over a cuppa, or with the world over social media.

Customers are less likely to share good experiences because a good experience is what is expected! And so it should! If you work with customers and you are not interested in them having a satisfying experience, move on, it’s not for you.

What to make of this information? What to do? How do you give an experience that not only leaves your customer satisfied but also increases the chance of positive word of mouth?

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Word Of Mouth Is The Undisputed No. 1 Advertising Type

Why is positive word of mouth the best form of advertising available?

Answer: You can’t beat the genuine words, told by someone with real experience. You trust what you are being told, if you trust the source.

How can my business get the same results as word of mouth advertising?

Answer: Video Testimonials! Genuine customers, sharing their real experience for an audience at your design! Take control of the information you want your customers sharing by fostering it yourself.

Start sharing your customers stories today

With the rise of Social Media and the soaring popularity and effectiveness of video advertising, now is the best time to explore how your business can achieve more with effective and engaging video marketing.

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Owner/ Director - Appsolute Precision