Your choices matter, to the whole world

Managing Director - YLAD Living Soils

I often find myself asking “what’s stopping people from making a change?” What’s stopping people from stepping up and engaging with the issues of our planet? Changing the world is a pretty big business, but something that on an individual level, all of our choices add up and contribute to.

Are we going to sit back while scientists and politicians debate if climate change even exists? Are we going to wait for a consensus before we decide whether we lean in and make life choices that have the potential to halt global warming and create a sustainable future?

It’s easy to see how we’ve become complacent in many ways, losing sight of how our individual decisions can add to the whole, but how wrong we are. The choices we make here in Australia are impacting not only our country but our entire world. As an Earth Agent, I have a responsibility to remind you, daily if I need to, that the decisions we make, affects everyone. But they don’t just matter for you, and for our current state, they matter for your future. They matter for your children, your grandchildren, your nieces, nephews and friends.


Being aware of how our life choices impact those arounds us gives us powerful perspective, and places weight on them. Remember in the back to the future movies, where Marty McFly travels back in time, makes one seemingly insignificant change and changes the trajectory of history forever? We’re all happy to entertain the notion of going back in time, and accidentally changing the future, but for some reason we’re not as in sync with the idea that the changes we make today, change the future significantly.

On my journey it’s been clearer than ever that the decisions we make determine our future. There’s always time to act, and make choices that make changes both for ourselves, and for the environment, leaving a positive legacy.



Managing Director - YLAD Living Soils